Understanding the Patient Population for Improved Clinical Development & Threading the Needle Between Safety & Efficacy to Activate the Right Target in the Innate Immune Pathway Across Oncology & Beyond

Welcome to the 5th STING & TLR-Targeting Therapies Summit

Revolutionizing Safe & Potent Activation of TLR, STING & Other Innate Immune System Targets

The innate immune system remains an untapped target for a range of indications with high unmet need, from challenging solid tumors to infectious and inflammatory disease.

The 5th Annual STING & TLR Targeted Therapies Summit returns at a crucial time to unpick the lessons of the past year and finally unleash the well-recognised potential of innate immunotherapy.

Over the last 25 years, the landscape of STING/ TLR agonists has seen a diversified influx of assets entering clinical investigation, spanning across antibody-drug conjugates, immune checkpoint modulators and RNA-based therapies.

As more complex modalities including ADCs and vaccines dominate the preclinical setting, with many key players striving towards agents with stable physical properties to enable delivery systemically, learning from past mistakes before entering the clinic is crucial.

Following 2023 where we saw both STING and TLR assets from Tallac Therapeutics and OncoNano Medicine entering clinical development, the 5th Annual STING & TLR Targeted Therapies Summit returns as an unmissable event for those striving for success within innate immunotherapy.

This meeting covers everything from early discovery to clinical trial rationale across the innate immune pathway including TLR, STING and broader innate immune system targets like PTPN2/PTPN1 and RNA modifying enzymes, alongside evaluating the rationale for combination approaches with checkpoint inhibitors and beyond.

Join our focused group of experts this year to dig into recent successes and clinical failures, bridge the notoriously tricky translational gap by focusing on effective uses of biomarkers and translational modelling, and learn about new approaches and how to enhance combinations with checkpoint inhibitors, plus so much more!

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"The quality of the speakers and presentations was as good as I have ever witnessed. The depth of insight and exchange of ideas among the attendees was outstanding. It created a perfect opportunity for collaboration and exchange of ideas"
- Carman Giacomantonio, Dalhousie University

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