Thursday June 20, 2024

7:00 am
Workshop B: Advancing Translational Models for Improving Predictive Validity Within Innate Immune System-Targeted Therapies


This workshop aims to bridge the translational gap in the development of therapies targeting the innate immune system, with a specific focus on STING & TLR receptors. Attendees will gain insights into selecting, utilizing and validating translational models for effective translation of preclinical findings into clinical success.

Overview of suitable preclinical models for evaluating STING & TLR-targeted therapies

  • Reviewing the advantages and limitations of in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo models in translational research
  • Highlighting novelty in humanized and organoid models for mimicking innate immune system responses
  • Bridging preclinical insights to clinical translation

Translating preclinical findings into actionable insights for clinical trial design

  • Addressing challenges and strategies in extrapolating preclinical efficacy to human applications
  • Integrating multiple translational models for comprehensive therapy assessment
  • Incorporating advanced technologies in translational research

Utilizing imaging, omics, and molecular profiling in translational model development

  • Modeling immune-tumor interactions and microenvironment complexities in vitro and in vivo
  • Showcasing advancements in bioengineering approaches for enhanced translational relevance
  • Validating translational models for innate immune system therapies

More speakers to be announced!

9:00 am Chairs Opening Remarks

Exploring Innovations in Systemic Approaches for Striking the Balance Between Safety & Efficacy

9:15 am Hitting Multiple Immune System Targets with a Passively Targeted, Pulsed, Systemic Approach to Amplify Efficacy & Widen the Therapeutic Index

  • Michael Newman Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Indaptus Therapeutics


  • Taking advantage of multiple TLR/STING agonists, passive targeting and rapid clearance associated with bacteria
  • Activation of both innate and adaptive anti-tumor immunity, tumor eradication and immunological memory in pre-clinical models
  • Confirmation of a pulse-prime mechanism and update on a Phase 1 clinical trial with Decoy20

9:45 am Initial Promising Data With a Systemically Administered TLR 7 & 8 Coagonist (EIK1001)

  • Roy Baynes Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Eikon Therapeutics


  • Understand the scientific rationale behind EIK1001, a systemically administered agonist of toll-like receptors 7 and 8
  • Analyze single-agent activity data as well as activity in combination with anti-PD-1 agents across multiple solid tumor types
  • Discuss the program advancing into late stage development

10:15 am Morning Break

11:00 am Introduction of GQ Technologies for iDevelopment of Next Generation AIAC/ISAC

  • Paul Song Chief Scientific Officer, Genequantum Healthcare


  • GQ1007 preclinical development and characterization
  • GQ1007 preclinical safety assessment
  • dpADC as the next generation dual payload AIAC platform

11:30 am Building TLR7 Targeted Immune Agonists


  • Examine the scientific rationale behind targeted immune agonists (TIA) targeting TLR7
  • Assess the design of TIA conjugates and characterization of in vitro and in vivo functional activity
  • Develop preclinical tools to de-risk TIAs potential for induction of immune-related adverse effects

12:00 pm Lunch

Exploring Progression & Transferable Insights in Uses for STING & TLR Targeted Therapies Beyond Oncology

1:00 pm Evaluation of an Oral TLR7 Agonist as Part of a Combination HIV Cure Strategy

  • Elena Bekerman Senior Scientist - Research and Virology, Gilead Sciences


  • Vesatolimod (VES), an oral, selective TLR7 agonist
  • TLR7 activation contributes to remission and/or cure in preclinical models for HIV
  • Clinical development of VES for HIV cure

1:30 pm PRTX007, A Novel Orally Administered TLR7 Agonist Prodrug from Primmune Therapeutics for the Treatment of Serious Human Diseases

  • James Appleman Co- Founder, Chief Scientific Officer, Senior Vice- President & Director - Research & Development, Primmune Therapeutics, Inc.

2:00 pm Afternoon Break

Harnessing Preclinical & Translational Insights to bridge the Translational Gap & Generate In-Human Success of Innate Immune Targeted Therapies

3:00 pm Progress of Dual Action Tumor Immune Agonists to Produce a Durable Clinical Response for Treatment of Solid Tumors


  • Harnessing the viability of tumor cells to produce cytokines that activate the innate immune system
  • Modulating the potency and half-life of immune agonists for optimized antitumor efficacy and systematic tolerability
  • Providing tumor neoatigens in situ to guide development of the emerging adaptive immune system
  • Tipping the balance and break down barriers in the microenvironment of solid tumors to improve the activity and infiltration of immune cells

3:30 pm Developing a Systemically Delivered TLR2 Agonist for Cancer Immunotherapy


  • Understand the mechanistic rationale for pursuing TLR2 agonists in CPI resistant solid tumor indications
  • Review the safety and tolerability profile of AXA-042 demonstrated in the first-in-human clinical trial
  • Translational lessons from the clinic: impact of TLR2 target engagement on clinical safety and response biomarkers 

4:00 pm End of Day Two