2024 Event Partners

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Program Partner

genOway is a global biotechnology company dedicated to improve the predictability and reliability of preclinical data through the development and commercialization of unique, innovative, genetically modified models with high physiological relevancy.

With a growing catalog of humanized immune checkpoint mouse and cell line models, and reconstituted mice featuring a human immune system, genOway offers a broad set of tools to study mechanism of actions, efficacy, and safety of immunotherapies aiming to enhance translatability toward the clinic.

Founded in 1999, genOway serves clients in 380 academic institutions and 170 life sciences companies, including 17 of the top 20 pharma.


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Exhibition Partner

InvivoGen is a leading supplier of tools to foster the advancement of innate immunity research. Our comprehensive offering includes the largest collection of functionally validated TLR and STING agonists, inhibitors, and reporter cell lines.

InvivoGen’s engineered reporter cell lines are widely cited and feature secreted reporters that can be easily quantified to study multiple immune signaling pathways. These cells facilitate the identification and characterization of novel TLR or STING activators or inhibitors.