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About the STING & TLR Targeted Therapies Summit

The STING & TLR Targeted Therapies Summit returns as the only industry-led event converging those with crucial insights to fuel the long-awaited success of innate immunity targeted therapies.

With the field venturing into new approaches to strike that balance between safety and efficacy, from immune agonist conjugates to combination approaches and novel dosing methods, stay ahead of this evolving field with the latest insights to steer you towards success in the clinic.

The therapeutic potential of harnessing the innate immune system has been waiting to be untapped for a while. Hear from the leading minds in immune-oncology and join the dedicated community to breakthrough barriers to success within your innate immunotherapy pipeline.

Join Your Peers to:

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Reflect and form crucial discussions around why STING / TLR agonists haven’t lived up to expectations so far within the clinic and gain fundamental insights into how we should be moving forward differently with GSK and Johnson & Johnson

STING & TLR Favicon

Discover the latest approaches for threading the needle between safety & efficacy, from using novel preclinical tools to hitting multiple immune system targets and pulsed dosing with Merck, Eikon Therapeutics and Indaptus Therapeutics

STING & TLR Favicon

Uncover the landscape of new approaches like immune-agonist conjugates and next-generation STING/ TLR agonists entering the clinic with Tallac Therapeutics, OncoNano Medicine and Genequantum

STING & TLR Favicon

Streamline and de-risk the notoriously tricky translation of results from preclinical studies to in-human efficacy with cutting edge insights into bridging the species disconnect with Eisai, TriSalus Life Sciences and University of Florida

STING & TLR Favicon

Discover the latest cutting edge work exploring broader innate immune system targets like RNA modifying enzymes and PTPN2/PTPN1 and harness transferable insights with AbbVie and Storm Therapeutics

Who Will You Meet

This meeting will bring together the leading discovery scientists, translational experts & clinical experts who work on STING, TLR & broader innate immunity targeted therapies across a range of disease indications from oncology to HIV, all who are looking to share expertise & learn from others to overcome the barriers that have presented themselves within STING/TLR agonists.

What Your Peers Have to Say:

"The quality of the speakers and presentations was as good as I have ever witnessed. The depth of insight and exchange of ideas among the attendees was outstanding. It created a perfect opportunity for collaboration and exchange of ideas"
- Carman Giacomantonio, Dalhousie University

"Love the conference and met experts in both academia and industry who have insights to move the science to clinical translation"
Jinming Gao, UT Southwestern & OncoNano Medicine

"The opportunities for one-on-one and small group conversations throughout is immensely valuable"
Jim Appleman, Co- Founder, Chief Scientific Officer, Senior Vice- President & Director - Research & Development, Primmune Therapeutics

What our upcoming speakers have to say:

"Participating in the STING & TLR Targeted Therapies Summit would provide a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in a collaborative and forward-thinking environment, fostering both personal and professional growth in the field of cancer therapeutics"
Dinesh Chandra, Johnson & Johnson