Conference Day One

Wednesday 10th May 2023

8:30 am Registration & Welcome Coffee

8:55 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Innate Therapies in 2022: Taking a Look at What Happened in the Clinic

9:00 am Laying Out the Full Spectrum of Clinical Readouts in the Innate Immune Targeting Space in the Past Year


  • Celebrating TLR7/8 success as it moves through the clinic to Phase III and beyond
  • Highlighting TLR9’s recent clinical progress
  • Reviewing the promise of STING therapies and spotlighting emerging combination studies with these agonists

9:30 am Targeting STING to CCR2+ Cells via an Immune Stimulating Antibody Drug Conjugate (iADC)


  • Overview of the murine surrogate iADC, mTAK-500, which was designed to selectively deliver the STING agonist, TAK-676, to CCR2+ cells
  • Discuss non-clinical data and mechanistic insight that have motivated the design and clinical testing of TAK-500, a CCR2-targeted STING iADC
  • Reviewing the clinical STING agonist TAK-676, and a high-affinity antibody targeting human CCR2

10:00 am PRTX007, a Novel Orally Administered TLR7 Agonist Prodrug From Primmune Therapeutics for the Treatment of Cancer


  • Explore how a unique pharmacology elicited by PRTX007 distinguishes this from other TLR7 agonists in cellular models and in non-human primates
  • Review how PRX034, the TLR7 agonist systemically delivered by PRTX007, induces engagement of innate and adaptive immunity while avoiding systemic inflammation
  • Discuss how this favorable profile has been confirmed in repeat-dose studies in healthy volunteers with a well-tolerated degree of immune induction, this is expected to correlate with efficacy in cancer therapy as assessed by pharmacodynamic responses in the blood (e.g. stimulation of interferonresponsive genes in circulating immune cells, activation of CD8+ T cells and NK cells, increased levels of IP10)
  • Analyze how the relationship between immune response in healthy volunteers and inrodent tumor models supports a role for systemic immune induction and therapeutic benefit

10:30 am Speed Networking Break


This is your opportunity to network and forge new contacts with fellow peers in the room to make new and lasting connections

Innate Agonist Delivery: Evaluating Old & New Approaches

11:30 am IMSA201: An Antibody Conjugate Carrying a Novel STING Agonist


  • Brief review of first-generation STING agonist at ImmuneSensor
  • Preclinical evaluation of IMSA201, a STING agonist ADC
  • Discussing challenges in further development of IMSA201 and other immunostimulatory ADCs

12:00 pm Selecting a TLR 7/8 Dual Agonist for Intravenous Delivery & Determining an Appropriate Clinical Dose


  • Outlining factors used in selecting a TLR 7/8 dual agonist for intravenous delivery
  • Using immune markers to determine an appropriate clinical dose
  • Harnessing monotherapy and combination therapy clinical responses to guide later-stage trial design

12:30 pm Lunch Break


Take this chance to meet the expert speakers, connect with your peers and explore our exhibition booths

1:30 pm Breaking the Toxicity Barrier: Safe Systemic Administration & Tumor Eradication With a Multi-TLR Agonist by Passively Targeted, Pulse Priming


  • Explore how killed decoy bacteria can induce potent priming of innate and adaptive anti-tumor immunity
  • See how decoy bacteria can produce single-agent activity and safe, tumor-eradicating synergy with each of several different classes of immuno-oncology agents
  • Understand the potential for the use of Decoy bacteria to treat infectious diseases

2:00 pm Intra-Tumoral Interleukin-2 Plus Intra-Tumoral And/Or Topical TLR Agonists Effectively Clears Cutaneous Malignancies


  • Discover how a local/intra-tumoral immunomodulation effectively clears cutaneous malignancies and eliminates severe toxicity experienced with systemic checkpoint inhibitors
  • Review how a local/intra-tumoral treatment enables delivery of higher intratumoral concentrations of immunomodulator than can be achieved with systemic administration
  • Outline how a local/intratumoral immunotherapy enables the safe and effective delivery of novel combinations of immunomodulators to an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment
  • Exploring local/intratumoral immunomodulation using IL-2 and TLR agonists effectiveness and how it can be safely administered to multi-organ transplant recipients

2:30 pm Panel Discussion: Answering the Age-Old Question: Is Systemic Delivery of Innate Agonists Really Viable?


Join your session leaders in this roundtable as they spark conversions on:

  • Reflecting on the ADU-S100 & SB2-690 trials: what went wrong?
  • What has the data shown us so far on systemic approaches?
  • Given the high toxicity associated with ADCs, is systemic delivery actually that bad relatively?
  • How do you minimize the toxicity that comes with systemic delivery?

3:00 pm Profiling STING and TLR-Targeted Therapies in Humanized Preclinical Models

  • Kader Thiam Senior Vice President - Discovery, Preclinical Models & Services, GenOway


• Focus on BRGSF-HIS hCD34+ reconstituted mice featuring human lymphoid and myeloid compartments and syngeneic humanized mouse models

• Characterization of the immune response in the mice

• Showcasing an assessment of STING and TLR targeting agents in these models

3:30 pm Afternoon Break


Grab a coffee and explore our exhibition booths, networking and more!

4:00 pm Systemic Delivery of Small Molecule TLR7 Agonists – How Do We Solve the Toxicity of This Approach?


  • Overview the history of small molecule TLR7 agonists and what we have learned from previous research
  • Explore a new concept for achieving safety that has been adapted for systemic delivery
  • Discuss further development of systemic delivery of TLR7 agonists

4:30 pm Nanomedicine Formulations for Delivery of TLR Agonist Drug Combinations

  • Mark Moody Chief Operating Officer, Activate Therapeutics


  • Explore how Activate has developed lipogel nanoparticles (LgNPs) that copackage combinations of TLR agonists to provide sustained delivery of these drugs to the tumor, while reducing systemic exposure and associated toxicity
  • Assess how these LgNPs are phagocytized by macrophages and dendritic cells, delivering TLR agonists to the endosomes where TLR targets reside
  • Analyze how TLR-based combination therapies have been shown to be more effective than monotherapies, and how Activate’s LgNP-based therapies have the potential to improve patient outcomes

5:00 pm ExoSTING: How an Extracellular Vesicles Loaded With STING Agonists, Promotes Tumor Immune Surveillance

  • Suchul Jang Director - Preclinical & Biomarkers, Codiak Biosciences


  • Enhancing the local pharmacology (PK/PD) of STING agonist by exosome delivery
  • Minimizing the systemic exposure of STING agonists after local administration
  • Assessing safety profile and clinical outcomes in patients with solid tumors

5:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:45 pm Scientific Poster & Networking Session


This is an informal session to help you connect with your peers in a relaxed atmosphere and continue forging new and beneficial relationships. You will have the opportunity to present your work, and review presentations displaying novel approaches and findings

6:30 pm End of Day One