Thomas W. Dubensky

Thomas W. Dubensky

Company: Tempest Therapeutics

Job title: President


Panel Discussion: Answering the Age-Old Question: Is Systemic Delivery of Innate Agonists Really Viable? 2:30 pm

Join your session leaders in this roundtable as they spark conversions on: Reflecting on the ADU-S100 & SB2-690 trials: what went wrong? What has the data shown us so far on systemic approaches? Given the high toxicity associated with ADCs, is systemic delivery actually that bad relatively? How do you minimize the toxicity that comes…Read more

day: Conference Day One

Crystallography-Guided Generation of Human TREX1 Inhibitors to Selectively Activate STING in the TME of Metastatic Disease 10:30 am

Learn the rationale for targeting TREX1, a cytosolic dsDNA exonuclease that is a negative regulator of the cGAS/STING pathway, with an orally available small molecule inhibitor Using a structure-based drug design strategy to generate potent small-molecule inhibitors of human TREX1, with drug-like physicochemical properties that we profile in biochemical and cell-based assays, X-ray crystallography studies,…Read more

day: Conference Day Two

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